JUN 2021

Electro Galvanizing — What is It, and Why Is It Important

Tools are the things that we require on a daily basis — whether it is for industrial purposes or for home applications. While purchasing the tools, we ensure that the tools or any metallic objects are durable and long-lasting. Because money is being invested in metallic things, it is essential that they are of high quality and do not get corroded. Corrosion or rust is something that destroys the product from the inside out. Once the metallic product or commodity is corroded, then it will become useless and there is no way you can save it. So there is a procedure that is being followed by the large industries to prevent corrosion and help the commodities last long.

So what measures are these metal manufacturing units and companies are following to keep the metal products protected from corrosion. They follow the electro galvanization process. So what is it? And why is this process so important in today’s era?

What Do You Mean By Electro Galvanizing Process?

What Do You Mean By Electro Galvanising Process

Electro galvanizing process basically refers to the technique of electroplating a metallic surface (especially steel) with the coating of zinc. According to the actual process, the steel commodities or products are completely immersed into the solution of the zinc salts, and then electricity is passed through the solution. The electricity that is passed through the zinc salt solution is used to induce the electrochemical reaction. With this process, the layer of zinc would be formed on the steel surface. This layer of zinc that is formed on the steel surface is extremely thin and imparts a high aesthetic appearance to the products or commodities.

The electro galvanization process is considered best for bare steel because the surfaces of the steel products are usually prone to corrosion. The steel products can undergo an oxidation process as soon as they come into contact with oxygen. Hence, it is quite essential to keep the steel products protected by coating them with a layer of zinc to prevent corrosion or oxidation. You might be wondering why the zinc metal is used for the coating and not any other metal. This is because zinc is a metal that has more anodic properties as compared to iron and thus it becomes a sacrificial anode in the electroplating process. In this way, zinc could be used to prevent corrosion.

What Are The Application Of The Electro Galvanization Process?

Well, you can find the best application of the electro galvanization process in the automobile industries where the steel sheets and wires are usually electro-galvanized to prevent them from corrosion.

Even in the automobile industry, the electro-galvanized process is used especially for small tools and equipment such as nuts, bolts, screws where the zinc coating can prevent corrosion and help in making the commodities durable.

Electro galvanization is the best and most effective technique that is also used for improving the aesthetic appearance of appliances and other things.

Why The Electro Galvanization Process Is Essential Or Considered Important?

The electro galvanization process is the best if you want to prevent the stainless steel from corrosion or undergoing an oxidation process. Besides this, with the help of electrochemical processes, you can improve the aesthetic appearance of steel commodities. The electrolytes present in the solution will impart brightness to the topmost layer of the zinc and make it look the best.

What Are The Benefits Of The Electro Galvanized Process?

What Are The Benefits Of The Electro Galvanized Process

Well, you are already aware of the greatest benefit of the electro-galvanized process — to prevent the oxidation process or keep the steel protected from corrosion. But besides this, there are beneficial things that you need to know. The zinc layer or coat develops a smooth coating that helps in preventing resistance and also gives the best appearance to the steel. Besides this, protective layering helps in improving the performance of steel products.


The electro galvanization process or you can also refer to it as electroplating technique is one of the best and most effective methods that helps in the prevention of the oxidation of the metallic commodities (tools/equipment) and keeps them protected from corrosion. You can also make use of the process in improving the aesthetic appearance of steel and other metallic products. If you are looking for such services then, you can reach out to Noble Metal. They are a renowned name in the industry and can help you with your requirements.

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