JUN 2021

What To Know Before Doing Aluminum Powder Coat In Dubai

The demand for all kinds of metal is growing at a rapid pace. Along with that, the is a growing demand for powder coating services. If you compare various countries across the globe, Powder coating services are considered best in Dubai. Dubai is not only a world trade and commerce center but has also gained prominence in the metal works and coating industry.

For over a decade, powder coating services have created a huge impact on industrial applications and household requirements of metal. The demand for the powder coating method is increasing because it is efficient in changing the entire look of the objects. Besides, it helps in making the material durable, flexible and adds a layer of protection. In Dubai, Powder coating services are available with a wide range of materials and colors. It ensures that the finish you get for the projects or objects is perfect and makes it last longer.

Significance Of Powder Coating Process In Dubai

Powder coating paint

Powder coating is a technique in which the objects are sprayed paint on the surface via electrostatic charge. The paint is in the dry powder form, and it perfectly sticks to the surface of the objects. It is very different from the application of liquid paint. The powder coating paint does not require any solvent for its application.

The demand for powder coating is also increasing because it can be applied to a wide range of materials such as metals, glass, wood, and even plastic.

You can apply powder coats on the furniture, vehicles, and sculptures. The powder coating process imparts a high-quality final finish to the surface of the objects.

With the powder coating technique, you can develop a protective layer on the roughest and toughest machines. If you compare the powder coating with that of liquid paints, the powder coat is far better.

When you use powder coating, it will offer a layer of protection to the material from moisture, rust, UV rays of sunlight, and various other extreme climatic conditions. Besides, it helps in reducing the fading process, scratches, paint chipping, or corrosion.

The powder coating technique is effective when it comes to protecting the environment. In the powder coating process, there is no loss of the powdered paint.

It can be reused repeatedly. Moreover, the process does not involve any harmful solvent. The electricity used in applying powder coat is comparatively low as compared to other techniques. So you can say that the powder coating process is economical, environmentally safe, and convenient.

What Do We Mean By Aluminum Powder Coating?

Aluminum Powder Coating

Aluminum Powder Coating is the most efficient powder coating technique used for protecting aluminum material objects. It is the most popular process in Dubai. The powder is available in the free-flowing form that is sprayed on the aluminum surface without any solvent.

While applying a powder coat on aluminum, you need to know certain things.

The preparation of the aluminum surface will ensure that the powder coat is adhering to the surface and creating a strong bond.

If the aluminum surface is not prepared, the powdered dry paint will not stick to the surface. When the bond between the powered paint and aluminum is not created, you cannot ensure high protection from the powder coating process.

Moreover, the paint will not be able to provide you with durability and protection from corrosion. Here are the essential things that you need to know before you start the aluminum powder coating process.

#1 You Must Pre-Treat The Aluminum Surface:

Before you start the powder coat process for the aluminum surface, it needs to be treated. While treating, you are cleaning the surface of the aluminum. With the cleaning process, you can get rid of dust, dirt, grease, and other debris from the material’s surface. If you are not removing the dust and debris, then the powder paint will not stick to the surface and will easily get removed.

#2 Strip The Aluminum:

Once you have cleaned the aluminum surface from all the dust and debris, it is time to strip out the previous coating.

It is essential to remove the previous coating as it will hinder the new powder coat that will be applied on the surface of the aluminum.

With the help of the sandblasting process, you can easily remove the previous coat of the aluminum surface. With this, you can clean the bare metal and prepare it for the new layer of powder coat. Moreover, it will create a layer of substrate that will help the powder stick to the aluminum surface and develop a bond.

#3 Application Of The Powdered Dry Paint:

The powdered paint application takes place with an electrostatic charge and the use of a spray gun. It is necessary for the technician to wear proper safety gear and follow all the safety protocols while carrying out this part.

#4 Heating Of The Aluminum Surface:

Once the application of powered paint completes, you should heat the aluminum in the oven. It will help in creating a uniform surface and provide a finished look.

#5 Cool It:

After heating, you get an even surface and a finished look. Now it is necessary to let the metal objects cool down so that the layer becomes hard.


Powder coatings are a highly efficient process to provide protection and a finished look to the surface. But it should be performed properly to get the desired results.

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