APR 2022

5 Reasons to Consider Powder Coating

In the manufacturing world, you witness a wide range of products. Thes products appear shiny, sleek, and smooth. The manufacturing units embrace two different techniques to obtain such a fine and uniform finish. One technique is painting, and the other is powder coating. Both the techniques are reliable and provide good results.

These techniques are not just for a perfect appearance. The paint and powder coat layer protects the metal from rust and corrosion. These methods ensure the durability of metallic objects. Most of us are aware of the painting methods as it is widely known. But powder coating has captured the market as the fastest-growing finishing technique.

There are many reasons to consider powder coating as the finishing technique. Let us check out some of the best reasons that make powder coating popular in the manufacturing world.

1. Powder Coating Method Offers High Durability:

powder coating Method For the powder coating method, many people say that it offers a sleek look and worlds like armor. With a powder coat, you can form a uniform layer over the metallic objects. The uniform layer acts as a protective film preventing rust and corrosion. The protective layer on the metallic objects will offer resistance to peeling, scratching, color fading, chipping, and wearing. The powder coat is highly durable and can last for more than 20 years. Moreover, the layer is resistant to changing weather conditions.

2. Powder Coating Is Environment Friendly:

Sustainable services are always reliable and protect the environment from harmful chemicals. While powder coating, you can reuse the powder that does not stick to the surface and falls down. You can collect the powder and use it for a second coat for other materials. In simple words, there will be no or minimum waste from the process. Besides, the powder coat process takes place in a confined room or space. Therefore, there will be no pollution caused due to the process. Moreover, there are no harmful chemicals used in the process.

3. The Powder Coat Process Is Cost-Effective:

As you can reuse the powder in the process and there is little waste, it makes the process cost-effective. In the powder coat technique, there is no problem of overusing the material. After the formation of the powder coat, you do not need any excessive powder for other layers. The manufacturing units have the provision to recycle the powder coat and use it for future applications. In the painting technique, there is a lot of waste and issues of over spraying.

Therefore, manufacturing units focus more on the powder coat technique rather than painting.

4. Powder Coat Is Available In a Wide Variety Of Colors:

powder coating in DubaiWhen it comes to color selection, you have no limit. You can choose different colors along with types. Powder coat offers a wide range of colors because you can mix them and prepare a new color from them. Whether you want a gloss effect or shiny layer, mat effect, etc. You will get everything with a powder coat. The best aspect of powder coat is that the colors are long-lasting.

Unlike paint, they won’t fade or peel off from the surface of the metallic surface. Besides colors, you can choose a specific texture for the powder coat.

#5 Powder Coating Technique Is Time-Efficient:

In the painting process, you need to provide multiple coatings for better finish and uniformity.

It is not the issue with the powder coat. With just one application, you will get the final finish. In simple words, you can complete the job without worrying about time consumption. Due to time efficiency, the manufacturing unit can handle a large number of objects within a short span of time.

All these features of powder coat make the manufacturing units highly reliable. Moreover, you can improve the productivity of the industry. In short, when productivity increases, it is easy to take up more projects. It increases the workflow and profit of the manufacturing industries or finishing industries.


Powder coating the components make them visually aesthetic. Besides, it helps in improving the durability and efficiency of the components. Powder coating is the latest technique and in demand. Many companies like automobiles, instrumentation, and manufacturing are preferring powder-coated products. Noble Metal Coating LLC offers the best powder coat services to clients in UAE. Visit the website today!

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