JUN 2022

The Benefits of Powder Coating Aluminum Extrusions

Powder coating is a highly efficient technique to impart a smooth and uniform look to objects. The technique employs the use of electrostatically charged color particles and spraying them on the surface. The electrostatically charged particles get attached to the surface in a uniform way. Therefore, many manufacturing units and industries prefer to use the powder coat method for imparting a finished look to the objects. Practically, you can apply the technique to varied materials.

But can you achieve a high-quality finish for aluminum extrusions with the powder coating method? Yes, certainly. You can also opt for several other methods like painting or anodizing. According to professional technicians, you can employ the powder coating technique for aluminum extrusion. A powder coat offers a wide range of benefits for aluminum extrusion. But, before we dive into the advantages of the method, you must have knowledge about aluminum extrusions.

What Do You mean By Aluminum Extrusion?

Define Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusions refer to the process of forcing the aluminum alloy into a cross-sectional die. Technicians use a powerful ram to push the alloy into the dye. When the aluminum alloy emerges from the opening, it will have a shape similar to the dye. You can change the shape of the aluminum extrusion based on the type of die. Therefore, you can give it different shapes such as solid, hollow, tubes, semi-hollow, channels, and angles. With the use of the powder coating technique, you can strengthen the structures and impart an appealing look to the aluminum extrusion.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Powder Coating For Aluminum Extrusion?

#1 You Get Versatile Finish Options:

The technique of coating offers you a wide array of options. You can choose the most suitable option based on your preferences.

#2 You Have Plenty Of Color Options:

In the method of powder coating technique, you can use organic and inorganic colors. You get all the shades of colors. If you are unable to get the shade, the technicians will prepare it for you. You can choose from black, yellow, red, indigo, blue, purple, green, orange, etc. Powder coat sprays are available in a wide array of hues to meet the demand for products.

#3 Versatile Texture:

For aluminum extrusions, you can employ different textures. You can use the textures based on the results of the powder coat. Many manufacturing units use textures to cover up the impurities. It is a way to enhance the overall look of the aluminum extrusion. Some famous textures available are wrinkle, hammered, and sand. You can choose any based on your preferences.

#4 You Have The Flexibility To Apply a Gloss Effect On Aluminum Extrusions:

You can give varied gloss effects to the aluminum extrusion. For instance, you can use matte, satin, reflective medium, and shiny effects for the extrusion.
The choice of gloss will depend on your preferences.

#5 Powder Coat Offers Durability And Lasting Performance To Aluminum Extrusion:

powder coating aluminum

With the advancement in the process of powder coating, it has become robust and versatile.
With a powder coat, you can enhance the efficiency and durability of the objects. According to the experts of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the powder coat formulation is designed to increase the performance of aluminum extrusions.

Therefore, it is an ideal technique for aluminum extrusions and other materials. With the technique, you will prevent chipping and peeling. The layer of powder coat is thick and has an alkaline composition. Due to this, it offers high resistance to rusting and corrosion.

#6 Powder Coating Is Cost-Efficient:

When comparing other finishing techniques with a powder coat, you will get to know that coating is cost-efficient.

Why is the powder coat technique cost-efficient? It helps you save money on various factors such as waste disposal, regulatory compliance, production, labor, and energy. The technicians focus on all the parameters to cut down on the excessive costing. Therefore, you can consider the powder coat method to be cost-effective.

#7 Powder Coat For Aluminum Extrusion Is Eco-Friendly:

The powder coat formulation does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or solvents.
You will find these harmful solvents and chemicals in paints and other finishing solutions. Besides this, you have the opportunity to reuse the powder coat particles. You can collect them and reuse them. By this, you can ensure minimum waste.


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