APR 2022

All About Sandblasting Services In Sharjah UAE

The popularity of the sandblasting process is increasing day by day. Many manufacturing and industrial units have understood the significance of the process and started embracing the technology for their business benefit. Sandblasting process is also known as abrasive blasting. When you are using this technique for the objects, it helps in developing a proper shape. Stripping and even smoothing out the overall surface of the material. 

Oftentimes, you are using metallic objects for various purposes. But for that, the metallic objects should have a smooth and sleek surface. The smoothness is achieved when all the grease, oil, dust, and debris are removed from the surface of the objects. You might be assuming that sandpaper can easily do the job of cleaning the surfaces. It is true, but what if when the objects are extremely large in size. It is practically not possible to clean the surface of large metallic objects with sandpaper. 

For that, you would need to employ a sandblasting process or abrasive process. You can easily develop a smooth and sleek effect that gives a perfect finish to the final products. The sandblasting process is also helpful when it comes to cleaning objects that have curvatures at different levels. The best aspect of the sandblasting process is that they rejuvenate the objects by giving them a perfect new look. If you are in Sharjah, UAE, and are in search of the sandblasting process units, reach out to Noble Metals. They offer the best services, and the entire staff is quite professional. 

What Do We Mean By The Sandblasting Process?

sandblasting processSandblasting refers to the technical process that aims to eliminate all the dust and debris from the metallic surfaces and provides a smooth finish. The process uses a propelling system to stream out abrasive material at high pressure and speed and target toward the surface of the object. When you are using sandblasting technique, it is actually used to prepare the metallic objects for further coating. Usually, the sandblasting technique is followed by the powder coating method to enhance the strength and look of the surfaces. 

What Are The Advantages Of Employing Sandblasting Process?

#1 The sandblasting technique Helps In Cleaning The Surfaces Of The Objects

This is one of the most common uses of the sandblasting process that ensures the surface of the objects is free from all types of dirt, debris, grease, and even oil. Due to the features of the technique, it is considered an essential part of the finishing process. If contaminants remain on the surface of the objects, you won’t be able to get the best finishing effect. The uniformity and smoothness would be missing. 

#2 Sandblasting Process Is Fast

When the cleaning process is fast, it increases the overall speed of the finishing process. Moreover, the work makes other business processes efficient and saves time. When the processes are quick and efficient, you can also save a lot of money that goes into unnecessary inventory. 

#3 With Sandblasting Process, You Can Remove Chipped Paint

Sandblasting Process to Remove Chipped Paint

If the paint on the objects is old and chipping out, you can use the sandblasting process. The paint would be eradicated from the surface within a small period and give better results. 

What Type of Sandblasting Medium You Should Choose?

If you are new to the process and not sure about the medium, it is essential that you start with a gentle abrasive medium such as aluminum oxide. Gradually, you can use the abrasive that has higher grit and can be used for tough objects. Oftentimes, you can use dry ice for achieving great results. 

What Are The Different Media Used For Sandblasting?

  • Here we have provided the list of sandblasting mediums that you can use for cleaning the surfaces. It can be useful even if the surface has multiple curvatures and angles. 
  • Abrasive Media –The grit size commonly available for abrasive media ranges from 80 to 120. 
  • Sand –Strong abrasive but not used as it produces a high amount of silica and threat to the environment. 
  • Aluminum Oxide – provides better results than silica
  • Silicon Carbide 
  • Garnet
  • Glass Beads
  • Black Magic
  • Walnut Shells
  • Plastic Pellets


The sandblasting process is used to achieve a smooth and clean surface of the objects. Moreover, it should be used for enhancing the results of the result of powder coating. If the powder coat works well, it will help in protecting the material and even make it visually aesthetic. You can visit Noble metals in Sharjah, UAE to get the best sandblasting services. 

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