JUN 2021

Powder Coating And How Can I Use It?

Whenever you come across bright and shiny objects, the first thing that comes to your mind is the paint. Painting the surfaces of a wide range of objects is one of the techniques for providing a great look to the surfaces and also for protecting them. But the problem with paint is that after some time, it will strip off and the surface underneath would be exposed to external factors. This usually leads to rusting of metallic objects or fading of the colors. But you do not have to worry about such things anymore. With advancing technologies, the techniques providing a final finish to the objects have also changed. Nowadays, manufacturing units are embracing a new technique called powder coating. Now you might be wondering what powder coating is and how it can be used. So let’s get started.

The painting technique to achieve the final finish is a very traditional methodology, and it has many limitations, and they are overcome by the new method — Powder Coating. With the help of the powder coating method, you could enhance the durability of the objects, protect them from environmental factors, and also make the objects visually aesthetic.

What Do You Mean By Powder Coating?

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Powder coating basically refers to the dry method of coating the surface of the objects to get a fine and uniform finish. Powder coating is called a dry method because, in painting, a liquid solution is applied to the objects, whereas, in powder coating, dry powder is sprayed on the surface of the objects with an electrostatic procedure. Once the powder coat is applied, the objects are passed through the heat to develop the bonding between the powder particles and the surface of the object. The powder coating process is best when it comes to providing a high-quality uniform finish that not just provides protection to the objects but also improves the look and functionality.

Another important aspect of a powder coat is that it is extremely sturdy and also very flexible. You can apply the powder coat technique for several materials, such as concrete, metals, wood, plastic, alloys, substances, and many more. Powder coating is becoming one of the most popular methods because it not just improves the strength of the object but also improves the look and it is a very cost-effective method. Besides this, the method is useful for indoor applications as well as outdoor purposes.

How To Make Use Of Powder Coating?

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Powder coating is a simple process where the technicians spray the dry powder of specific colors and then pass the object through the heating panel to help in the development of the bond and achieve a hard finish over the surface. The dry powder of color is applied through the electrostatic process. The dry powder is sprayed with the help of compressed air, this, in turn, flows through the electrode and gets stuck to the surface of the object possessing a positive charge.

You must make sure that the objects are cleaned with perfection (by applying the sandblasting procedure) so that there is no amount of dirt, oil, or grease visible. If you are not cleaning the surface properly, the powder coat will not get applied with accuracy and precision. There would be problems in the formation of the bond between the powder and the surface.

Powder coating is considered the best and most effective method of protecting the objects and providing the final finish even to the roughest objects. The powder coat method is extremely durable when compared to the paint coat techniques because the powder will form a bond with the objects and will not come out. Unlike paint coats, after a certain period of time, you could see that the paint gets peeled off from the surface and exposes the surface underneath it. Besides, this powder coat method is highly resistant to major environmental factors such as UV rays of the sun, corrosion, harsh weather conditions, and other factors such as scratching, fading, chipping, wearing, or abrasion.

Powder coat is also known for the long-lasting characteristic feature that makes it an attractive choice in a wide range of manufacturing units.


Powder coating is a modern approach that is being embraced by a lot of metal designing and manufacturing units to improve the overall strength as well as look of the objects.

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