AUG 2020

Facts About Powder Coating

Who doesn’t like those bright colors of the cars? Well, we all do. But most of us are unaware of the process that is behind that bright color coat. The process is called powder coating. Due to the increasing demand for the powder coating, the industry could be easily called as the fastest growing. People are going crazy for the products that have a finish of powder coat over it. It can be used for a wide range of metal surfaces and the colors can be customized according to the people’s preferences.

Powder coating is basically a process through which you would be giving a finished look to the metal surfaces. The layer that is developed over the metallic surface is actually very protective and durable. The powder coat embraces the method of electrostatic to spray dry powder on the surfaces. Generally, this dry powder is sprayed and then the body is heated to soak in the powder so that it looks evenly throughout the surface.

Let’s get to know what are some amazing facts about Powder Coating:

Powder Coated Layer Has Amazing Durability: The dry powder used in the process of powder coating comprises polyester, acrylics, polyester-epoxy, polyurethane, straight epoxy which makes the layer of the coat tough, long-lasting and durable. The final finish of the powder coat serves both the purpose – provide protection and giving decorative look to the metal surfaces.

Powder coat is generally very resistant to the impact, moisture, extreme weather, and harsh chemicals. All these features are generally not available in the liquid paint coating. This is something that makes powder coating stand out from others.

The thickness provided by powder coating is what you won’t get in any other liquid paint. Its thickness makes the metal surfaces scratch-proof, doesn’t allow chipping and corrosion and fading. Most importantly, the coating act as the electrical insulators which can help in protecting the surfaces from salt sprays.

Powder Coating Is Environment-Friendly: Most of the industry experts have claimed that powder coats are quite environment-friendly as compared to liquid paint coat. The liquid paint generally consists of solvents that include some pollutants such as volatile organic compounds. Whereas the powder coat does not contain any sort of pollutants. Even the unused and overspray powder that does not get applied to the metal surface could be recovered. So there would no waste or a negligible amount of waste which could be easily disposed of.

Powder Coat Is Very Cost Effective Finishing Method: As we already know that powder coats do not use any sort of pollutant and do not produce any waste, and these things make it very cost-effective. Moreover, this makes it quite convenient for companies to comply with EPA regulations and does not require any kind of monetary investments.

The Powder Used In Powder Coating Can be Recycled: Don’t look so surprised, it’s true. The powder that is not utilized in the project is retained by re-used for other projects. The recycling feature of powder coats ensures that the powder is used efficiently. Companies also look forward to using powder coating because the process drastically reduces waste disposal costs and also does not cause any potential harm to the environment.

Powder Coating Is Applicable For A Wide Range Of Material: Till now, we discussed how the powder coats are useful for protecting the metal surfaces. But powder coats are not just for metallic objects, they are beneficial for other materials such as plastics, glass, fiberboards.


Powder coating makes use of advanced technologies and has turned out to become the most profitable thing for the manufacturing companies. It is functional, durable, long-lasting, suitable for a wide range of materials, environment-friendly, and very cost-effective. Due to all these features, the powder coat is replacing the conventional liquid paint coats.

Manufacturing units also do not go for liquid paints because they need additional mixing and stirring, which can reduce the quality of the finish it provides to the material surface. Moreover, the layer of coat provided by the powder coat is uniform throughout the surface, which is not possible in the liquid paint coat.

So these amazing facts about powder coating will help the manufacturer in making an informed decision and know what would be more profitable to the business.

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