MAY 2022

The Different Types Of Pretreatments For Powder Coatings

Powder coating is one of the crucial industrial processes that is widely used for protecting objects to give them a finished look. When you look at the shiny objects, the polished surfaces, and the glossy appearance, all you view is due to the powder coat. Powder coating refers to an industrial process that helps develop a protective layer on surfaces of a wide range of substances. The process is usually confused with that of liquid paint protection. But it is not so. In a powder coat, you are using a dry powder that is sprayed on the surface of the objects.

The dry powder develops a bond with the substance and generates a layer. The layer protects the material from corrosion, rusting, and keeps the external elements at bay. Besides, it is also useful in providing a finished look to the objects. Powder coating methods find application in the manufacturing units, automobile industry, and hardware workstations.

For getting the perfect look and uniform layer with powder coating, it is essential that you are focusing on the pretreatment. The pretreatment process for the powder coat is crucial to achieving the desired results. Through this process, you clean up the entire surface and make it ready for the coating step. So what are the different pretreatment processes that you can use for the powder coating?

#1 Cleaning The Surfaces

Cleaning is usually the first and foremost step for treating the surfaces before applying the powder coat. This is also one of the most important stages because it will remove all the debris, dirt, and stubborn dirt from the surface. If you are not cleaning dirt and debris from the surfaces of the objects, you will not get a finished look. The layer will not be helpful in the long run and even lead to various issues in the short term. You can clean the surfaces with different cleaning substances such as acids, and chemical solvents. The cleaning process should be performed multiple times until all the debris is removed.

Pro-tip: You can even heat the cleaning solution to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

#2 Rinsing The Surfaces

Once you have cleaned the surface effectively, it is time to move to the second pretreatment process. In the rinsing process, you aim to remove the chemical residue that sticks to the surface of the objects. These chemical residues are not removed with just a cleaning process. You need to employ stronger methods to eliminate stubborn contaminants. You can use the reverse osmosis process or even deionization to clean the surfaces perfectly.

Pro Tip: When you are preparing the surfaces for the rinsing process, ensure that it is completely dry. This will help in preventing flaky surfaces during powder coat.

#3 Ensure That You Are Conditioning The Surfaces

Powder CoatingIn this pretreatment process, you are preparing the surface to absorb the powder coat that will be sprayed on it. When you are applying a powder coat on the surfaces, a proper level has to be maintained. During the conditioning process, you are preparing the surface for accepting the powder and developing a bond with it.

The Stage of Zinc Phosphate Layering

When you are using zinc phosphate layering on the surfaces, it becomes easy to increase the protection of the objects. When you are developing the zinc phosphate layer, you can either use zirconium or any zinc chemicals to stop the process of oxidation on the surface. This pretreatment stage will help in extending the service life of the metals and making them stronger. When this pretreatment step is perfect, you can analyze the success of the powder coat method.

The Process Of Drying-Off

Drying-Off PretreatmentYou can consider this as the most important step of pretreatment of powder coat. In this stage, all the moisture content will be removed from the substances and make it completely dry. If the slightest moisture remains in the substance, it will have an impact on the powder coating method. The power will not be absorbed properly and also lead to oxidation.

Employing The Blasting Process As A Part Of Pretreatment

You can employ the blasting method to clean the entire surface of the object and also eliminate moisture content from it. For the blasting process, you can use different substrates such as soda ash, sand, walnut shells, and many other things. When you are embracing the blasting process, you ensure that the surface is ready for the powder coat.

Summary: In the rapid changes in the metal and metallic objects market, powder coating has been an integral part in keep the demand high. The powder coating process ensures a rust-free, beautiful shiny finish to the objects, leading to the high demand for this service. Contact Noble Metal Coating for all your professional powder coating requirements.

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