AUG 2022

Equipment Selection for Industrial Powder Coating

Check out this common case. You have been given the task of choosing new powder coating machinery for your factory as a manager or owner. You have superior technology suppliers, you need to purchase new equipment, or you need to replace your current provider owing to poor service.

The process of powder coating requires a lot of equipment. It’s a really important choice, as your choice will directly affect how profitable your business is. If you’re looking for a single system or an entire automatic plant, this article will be helpful.

Why do you need a powder coating gun is the first and most important question you should answer in your head.

A powder coating cannon is required to electrostatically charge the powder, ensure that it sticks to the object until it enters the oven, and spray the powder in a manner that results in a uniform film thickness.

What do you expect from a good powder coating gun now that you are clear on what you want?

The solution is really quite easy. A quality piece of equipment must:

1)Consistent 100 KV at gun tip voltage.

2)Uniform flow of powder for uniform powder deposition.

3)The machine should be easy to operate and maintain. The manufactures or his representative should be accessible to get spares parts and support on time and that too at reasonable price.

After knowing this you may asked so as to what will happen if my tackle does not have all what I said.

The answer is very simple-

1) The cost of the coating will be higher.

2) You will have inconsistent powder thickness, which will lead to rejection in addition to increasing powder usage.

3) Your machine will break down and you won’t be able to generate your desired things if your manufacturer is not directly and conveniently reachable in trying times for application assistance.

4) If replacement parts are difficult to find or prohibitively expensive, your profit will be lost.

You can perform a back-of-the-envelope analysis of the various powder coating gun suppliers using the aforementioned points. Not all of the powder coating pistols on the market are complete. You must assess the providers’ strengths and weaknesses in order to decide which one will be able to provide you with a long-term, lucrative coating solution.

You may choose the equipment that will provide you with uninterrupted powder coating and the lowest ownership costs by using this common sense technique.

I hope this essay will assist you in making the right choice.

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