MAY 2021

Different Applications Of Sandblasting Everyone Should Know

Sandblasting is one of the most important processes that are usually functional in manufacturing units. The sandblasting process is also known as the Abrasive Grit Blasting process, which is specifically designed for cleaning the surface of metallic objects and preparing them for different applications. It is also considered as one of the effective methods of surface cleaning that helps in achieving great results. Previously, the main abrasive material used was just sand. But not anymore. With the advancing time, the materials that are used as abrasive material can be in different forms. The abrasive material used for the surface cleaning is majorly dependent on the type of material that is being cleaned. Thus, the abrasive materials can be dry ice, glass beads, copper slags, steel grits, and many more. Although the sandblasting process is extremely effective, it also poses a health risk. Thus it is recommended to every technician that they have proper safety gear before they get to work. Sandblasting processes have wide applications in the manufacturing and designing industry, so let’s get to know each application.

#1 Sandblasting Process Can Be Used In Stripping Off Of The Paint And Removing Corrosion:

You might be aware that the stripping of the paint from the metallic surface or development of the corrosion leaves a deep mark on the objects that are usually hard to remove. Even after using the conventional methods, you won’t be able to get the desired results. Thus, the sandblasting process is used to remove the stubborn marks of the paint and corrosion from the metallic surfaces of the houses, cars, types of machinery, and various other things. The sandblasting process is reliable and effective because it will remove the marks without causing any damage to the surfaces.

#2 You Can Use It To Clean The Surfaces Of The Small Tools:

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Generally, people think that the sandblasting process is only meant for larger objects or objects that have major surfaces. But it is not so. The sandblasting process is effective not just for the larger objects, but also for the smaller tools and objects. Usually, tools that are extremely small in shape and size are difficult to clean. Thus, a sandblasting process is used to remove the dust and dirt that remains stuck to the surface. It is not just reliable but also effective in removing the clogged oils, stubborn grease, and corrosive powder. With proper cleaning of such small tools and equipment, you can easily increase functional efficiency.

#3 Sandblasting Is Used For Developing Smooth Surfaces And Polishing It:

Do you know that cleaning is the main functionality of the sandblasting or abrasive blasting process? But apart from that, it is also used for giving a shiny and polished look to the surfaces of the objects. Whenever you find objects that do not have a uniform surface look or have developed some irregularities, you can make use of the sandblasting process to remove those and achieve a shiny and sleek look on the surface.

#4 Sandblasting Is Used For Cleaning Of The Concrete Surfaces:

Sandblasting process is not just effective for the metallic surfaces but also various other surfaces, such as concrete. If the streets, pavements, or walkways are made of concrete, then you can easily remove the irregularities, oils, dirt from the surface and make it clean and uniform. When the concrete roads get proper cleaning, you can drastically reduce the level of accidents. There is no requirement of water or harsh scrubbing of the concrete surfaces, sandblasting will help you achieve the results without any hassle.

#5 Sandblasting Is Used For Preparing The Surfaces For Coating:

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When a coating is to be applied on the surfaces, it is essential that such surfaces are smooth and do not have any irregularities. If there are, the coating will not be done with effectiveness, and it will subsequently lead to a failed coating system. Thus, it is important to achieve a smooth surface with the help of sandblasting before the coating is applied to the surface.

Summary: Now you have completely understood the significance of the sandblasting process and the different applications for which they are used. You can make use of the sandblasting process as per your requirement.

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