JUL 2021

Which Type Of Powder Coat Paint In Dubai Is Best

Have you ever come across a shining car or sleek-looking metallic objects? If yes, you might have wondered the reason behind the perfect finished look. It is due to the powder coating technique.

This technique is recommended in a wide range of countries. In Dubai, this technique is offered at the highest professional grade. The metallic bodies and surfaces that undergo this process have a proper coating of paint that gives them a shiny, glossy, and finished look.

Moreover, the layer of coat on the metallic surfaces and objects ensures that they are protected from corrosion, moisture, scratches, and other damages. The layer adds extra protection to the metallic surfaces and makes them durable.

You should not confuse the powder coating technique with liquid paints. Using liquid paints for covering the metallic objects and surfaces, will not provide the desired smooth look.

There will be uneven surfaces due to paint. Besides, there are chances that the paint will chip off and lead to rusting. With the powder coating technique, you will not face any such issues. In Dubai, powder coating techniques are of different types.

A wide range of manufacturing units uses powder coating for specific purposes.

So Which Type Of Powder Coat Paint Is The Best In Dubai?

Before you know the best powder coat paint in Dubai, let’s understand all the types.

Epoxy Powder Coating Technique

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If you opt for an epoxy powder coating, it will impart a smooth and even look to the surface. Besides offering extreme bond strength, it offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Moreover, with an epoxy powder coat, you can prevent the object from corroding and rusting. It is advisable to use the epoxy powder coat for objects that are used indoors as epoxy powder coat does not protect from the UV rays of the sun.

Polyester Powder Coating Technique

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Polyester powder coats are always in high demand for coating objects used or placed outdoors. It is because the layer of polyester powder coating will protect from the UV rays of the sun. You need to keep such powder-coated objects protected from chemicals. Polyester powder coat does not provide resistance to chemicals. You can use the polyester powder coating process for fencing equipment and house decor items.

Nylon Powder Coating Technique

The nylon powder coating technique is not a very popular option. It is mainly used for providing resistance to oils and solvents. This technique is generally used in industries for machinery and equipment.

Polyurethane Powder Coating Technique

This powder coating technique is applicable for coating large numbers of objects. These are the objects that usually get exposure from outside. The polyurethane powder coat is applied to various materials to prevent corrosion, enhance performance, and monitor the humidity level of the materials.

Metallic Powder Coating Technique

When you want the object’s surface to be attractive, durable, and of great strength, focus on a metallic powder coat. The metallic paint dry powder is sprayed on the objects to develop a protective layer.

Powder Coating Non-Aluminum

This type of powder coat is applicable when you want to develop a protective layer on galvanized materials such as steel and alloys.
Powder Coating For Zinc-Based Materials: It is a type of powder coating developed from zinc-rich epoxy thermo setting. It is suitable for objects that have iron-based surfaces.

In Dubai, new technologies have made an emergence in powder coating techniques. Earlier, you could not use the powder coating technique for plastic objects. Because you cannot heat the plastic for the powder coat to have a uniform layer. But now it is possible. With technological advancement, Dubai now provides powder-coat technology for plastics.


It is a daunting task when you have to choose the best powder coating technique in Dubai. All the powder coating techniques have specific aspects which make them more or less suitable according to the objects and materials. Based on those factors, they are applicable in the industries. If you are not aware of what technique to choose, consult the experts. Noble Metal Coating Company is one of the best for powder coating processes. You can get in touch with their experts and understand which process will be most suitable for you. All the types of powder coats are best. You should scrutinize the factors that will help you make an informed decision.

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