JUL 2021

Difference Between Stainless Steel And Electro-galvanized Steel

Steel is one of the most important metals or elements, which has numerous applications. Steel is basically an alloy and formed by the perfect blend of carbon and iron. But this steel is extremely raw, and you would notice that it is not very durable or strong.

Such steel is of low quality and not very robust. The strength of the steel is basically dependent on the level of the carbon content present in it. But there are other materials along with carbon and iron that impart strength to steel — it can be tungsten, manganese, chromium, and many more. These elements will help in making the regular steel a more rigid alloy.

But steel is an alloy that has certain limitations — it tends to develop rust or get corroded over the course of time. This is not desirable when the steel needs to be used in heavy-duty products or equipment. The metal manufacturing industries are employing various methods such as coating, chemical treating, and mixing to protect the steel from corrosion or rust for a long period.

The most commonly used steel is either stainless steel or galvanized steel — they have the immense capability of preventing corrosion or development of rust. Most often, people get confused between stainless steel and galvanized steel. This is because they have a similar appearance, but they are completely different. So what makes them different?

What Do We Mean By Galvanised Steel?

What Do We Mean By Galvanised Steel_

The galvanized steel refers to the regular steel that has been coated with a protective layer of zinc. This is done in order to prevent any sort of rust or corrosion. The galvanized steel is generally used for manufacturing bolts, nuts, and screws.

The galvanized steel has a strong resistance to corrosion or any sort of degradation, even when they are exposed to harsh climatic conditions. You would observe that the galvanized steel can withstand being in freshwater due to the lack of corrosive salt content in such water. While working with galvanized steel, the welders (or workers) would have to make sure that they are protected from harmful fumes generated during the process.

What Do We Mean By Stainless Steel?

What Do We Mean By Stainless Steel_

Stainless steel is strong, sturdy, durable and is made by adding chromium or tungsten along with carbon and iron to the molten steel. Stainless steel is considered better than galvanized steel because it provides resistance from corrosion (when it comes in contact with water and moisture). You would observe that the stainless steel can even withstand the effect of salt water and does not get corroded.

When it comes to welding stainless steel, it requires a lot of special skills. During the process of welding, the workers and technicians have to make sure that proper temperature is maintained, heating is regulated, and cooling is offered with accuracy. Besides this, the welders have to take proper measures that will add appropriate fillers to the steel that is being welded.

Another stark difference between the galvanized steel and stainless steel is that the galvanized steel is considered extremely ductile and convenient to work with. Thus they are in high demand in the manufacturing units for designing a wide range of products.

Stainless steel is quite hard and exhibits sturdy features, and due to this, it is majorly used in the manufacturing of aerospace materials.

The Difference Between The Preparation Of Galvanised Steel And Stainless Steel

The galvanized steel is prepared by developing a protective coating over ordinary steel. The protective layer is of molten zinc, and the process is known as hot-dipping. Another common process that is used for preparing galvanized steel is electroplating. In this process, the ordinary steel is again dipped in a solution, but it is an electrolyte solution that contains zinc.

If we consider the preparation of stainless steel, then it is a rational composition of iron, chromium, and carbon. All the materials are mixed in proper proportion in the molten state and are allowed to get hardened when cool down. In the final stage, the stainless is treated with an acidic solution so that all the impurities are removed.


Now you have a broad outline of different types of steel — galvanized steel and stainless steel. Although both types of steel have a similar appearance, they do not share the same features or characteristics. Due to this, both types of steel have different applications in different industries.


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