APR 2022

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Sandblasting

Sandblasting is becoming a popular procedure as the industries are advancing. Many manufacturing units are embracing the sandblasting procedure to support other business processes. It is one of the most crucial procedures that happen before the step of powder coating an object.

Sandblasting is a professional activity for which you need advanced tools and techniques. But most often, people start looking for DIY sandblasting solutions on YouTube. These How-To videos make the process look simple and easy to carry out.

But it is not.

Sandblasting process is highly technical and requires the supervision of professionals to ensure that it is performed correctly. It needs specialized training, knowledge, and skills to work out the sandblasting process. Moreover, there are high chances that an untrained person may get hurt and damage the properties involved in the sandblasting process.

Sometimes, seasoned professionals also tend to make mistakes while performing the sandblasting process. Sandblasting process is applicable for eliminating debris from the object’s surface including rust, paint, dirt, grease, and various other things.

The sandblasting process is applicable for metallic objects, wood, brick, and concrete. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you might make while performing sandblasting.

Understand these mistakes and try to prevent them.

1) You Must Not Neglect Any Of The Safety Parameters

The first common mistake that you are likely to make is to neglect the safety parameters. While sandblasting, you need to make use of the power tools. Therefore, your key concern should be to maintain proper safety parameters.

When people try to speed up the process, they neglect the safety parameters. But carelessness can lead to severe accidents. To avoid such mistakes, you should follow the given safety parameters.

Proper Training And Awareness

You need to educate yourself about all the methods, detailed steps, and power tools. Only then, use them in the process. Understanding the kind of abrasive used for the sandblasting process will help you take safety precautions.

Wear All The necessary Safety Gears

Sandblasting Safety GearsWhen you work out the sandblasting process, it is essential to wear all the safety gear. It would protect you from the impact of abrasive materials. Cover up your face (eyes, nose, ears), hands, and upper body. Wear gloved for protecting the hands while performing the sandblasting process.

2) Not Focusing On The Insufficient Window Coverage

Usually, the technicians forget about protecting the windows. It is a rookie mistake that everybody working on the sandblasting projects must be aware of. Windows do not require any kind of sandblasting effects.

If you are not covering the windows, it would develop a mask over it and lose clarity. To cover up the windows of the place where sandblasting is in progress, use plastic sheets. It will prevent the windows from any damage. Moreover, the plastic sheets get fixed to heat-resistant tape. The heat produced in the process will not cause damage to the windows.

3) You Should Be Particular About The Blaster You Are Using

While performing sandblasting, it is essential to implement the correct blaster. You might think that sandblasters are versatile objects. Therefore, they are applicable for all types of material, but it is not.

Using the correct blaster for the efficient material is quite essential. The sandblasters are available in different shapes, air-pressure, and sizes in the market. If the area of your workspace is large, you can use a large sandblaster. If not, you should opt for a smaller blaster with high features.

4) Making Use Of The Wrong Blasting Medium

sandblasting processMost often, the people who are new to the sandblasting process make this mistake. They end up using a random blasting medium for the sandblasting process. There are multiple sandblasting media that you can use for the sandblasting process. You need to ensure that you use the correct medium for sandblasting projects. According to the experts, different materials require a unique sandblasting medium.

5) Do Not Forget To Recollect Blasting Medium

As you may know, the blasting medium is applicable for reuse. So, do not forget to recollect it. You can use a closed working area so that the medium does not spread out and is also easy to collect.


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