JUL 2020

8 Reasons to Powder Coat Your Metal Fencing

Fencing is an integral part of the house. But it is also one of the most neglected or overlooked when it comes to house maintenance. Generally, homeowners would look for maintaining the roofs and siding but ignore the fencing. Due to this reason, the fencing of the house starts to look dull and damaged. When the fencing is not proper, it destroys the curb appeal of the house, and you might feel that everything has started to fall apart.

Generally, when we feel that the fencing needs to spruce up, we start looking for the paint can. But this is not the right solution. The liquid paint does not improve the look, nor it is durable. After a while, you would again see that the paint is chipping out of the metal fencing. So what should be done?

There is a great alternative to paint when it comes to improving the overall look and strength of the metal fence – Powder Coating. Powder coating is gaining popularity because it is environmental-friendly and also imparts a stylish look to the fence.

There are major benefits or reasons for using Powder Coating for metal fencing

#1 With Powder Coat You Get Durability That Lasts Longer Than A Decade:

You might have painted your fence several times but after a year or so, you see that the paint is chipping out. Paint is not a durable option as they can be scratched, scuffed, and carved into. But you will not face these issues with powder coating. Powder coating is known for providing incredible resistance to scratches and scuffs, which means it becomes nearly impossible to carve into it. Unlike paints, the powder coats can easily blend to the metal and create a strong bond and do not flake or chip away over time. Due to this reason, the powder coating can last flawlessly for decades. It helps in preserving your fence and your property value without any sort of repaint after every few years.

#2 Powder Coating is Rust Resistant:

Another big problem that metal fences face is rust. Powder coating is the potential in solving this problem as well. The moisture content in the air and rain is the biggest reason that causes rust in the metal fencing. When the metal fencing is coated with liquid paint, then this layer of the paint can easily get chipped out due to an increase in the moisture.

The chipped out paint can cause rust and damage the structural integrity of the fence. With powder coating, this problem can be prevented by resisting scratches and no flaking away.

#3 Powder Coating Is Available In A Wide Range Of Colors And Finish:

With powder coating, you get an incredible color and finish selection. But most people are not aware of it. They assume that powder coating is limited to just essential colors: black or gray stipple finish. But the fact is that you get a wide range of color and finish options which might not be available even in liquid paint.

#4 With Powder Coating You Get Eco-Friendly Finishing Solutions:

In the liquid paints, you would come across different types of solvents and sealants which include toxic liquid solvents. These toxic substances present in the solvent are harmful to the environment. In powder coating, you would not find any such toxins as it is solvent-free. Moreover, it is applied with the help of heat and electricity.

In powder coating, you won’t find any sort of waste as an excess powder that doesn’t bond to the material can be collected and reused. In simple words, when you choose powder coating there is no waste, no toxins, no drain pollution.

#5 Powder Coating Helps in Improving The Aesthetic Quality Of The Product:

Another reason for using powder coating for your fence is that it can improve the look of the fence and enhance the curb appeal of the house. When the powder coating is applied to the fence, it is applied in the form of a thick uniform layer. In this way, the fence gets a professional and stylish look.

#6 Powder Coating Do Not Require Frequent Maintenance:

When you apply paint on the metal fence, it can be easily chipped within a year. Even though you keep your fence well maintained, it will appear as if they do not care enough. This is not true when you apply a powder coat to the fencing. When a metal fence is powder-coated, it will require very minimal maintenance.

#7 Powder Coating Is Cost-Effective:

Powder coats are not very expensive. Most people might think that powder coating may cost more than spray or hand painting. But it leads to significant savings over time.

#8 Powder Coating Is Weather Resistant

Right from blistering heat to pounding rain, when you protect the fence with powder coating you can trust that the fence will stand up strong against whatever mother nature throws its way.


Powder coating is a specific technique that includes a dry finishing process. It is becoming extremely popular due to the benefits it provides. Nowadays you could see an increasing number of companies prefer powder coatings due to its high-quality, durable finish, allowing for maximized production, improved efficiencies, and simplified environmental compliance. When it comes to protecting your metal fencing, then nothing can be more beneficial than a powder coat. It enhances the strength of the metal fences and also makes it look attractive.

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