JUN 2021

Metal Finishing Types: What To Choose?

The metal manufacturing industry is growing at a fast pace, and all this is due to the use of advanced equipment and highly skilled technicians who understand the importance of the final look. There are multiple processes that are simultaneously ongoing in the manufacturing units, which contribute to the design and the manufacturing of the final product. But one of the most important steps is metal finishing.

The metal finishing step is essential and extremely crucial because it will define the aesthetics of the final product and also provide protection to the products or substances from external environmental factors. With the help of the metal finishing process, it becomes easier for the technicians to remove or reduce the surface roughness. Besides removing the surface roughness, it is the metal finishing process, which is also responsible for metal cleaning, descaling, deburring, etc.

What Do We Mean By The Metal Finishing Process?

The process of metal finishing comprises different processes that should be executed in an organized manner to achieve the desired results. There are multiple ways in which the products can be coated with metallic layers. You can choose the method that best suits your requirement and help you achieve the desired results.

Metal finishing processes have a lot of benefits, due to which it has been embraced by a lot of metal manufacturing industries. Some of the most essential advantages provided by the metal finish process include:

1. Metal finishes help in increasing the durability of the product or substance.

2. The metal finish will impart a great look and a decorative appeal to the substance.

3. Metal finish will also help in enhancing the electrical conductivity of the metallic substances.

4. After getting the metal finish, the substance develops a higher level of electrical resistance

5. Metal finishes are also helpful in providing resistance from different types of harmful chemicals and keeping the substances protected.

6. If the product or substance is getting a metal finish, then it will have a higher level of tarnish resistance.

Here are some of the most important metal finish processes that you can adapt to different products.

#1 The Most effective Metal Finish — Powder Coating:

The Most effective Metal Finish — Powder Coating

Powder coating is an advanced and one of the most decorative metal finish options. It is considered more durable than the metal finish that manufacturers get from paint. In the powder coating process, the skilled workers make use of the dry powder and spray it with electrostatic force on the surface of the substance. The powder coat is available in a wide variety of colors and textures. With The help of powder coating, you can get a layer that is twice as thick as paint. Besides this, the coat developed from the powder coating is flexible, which means that the substance can easily bend and can be molded into the desired shape. Powder coating is better than paint because there will be no chipping that happens with the paint.

#2 The Second Metal Finish Process — Metal Plating:

The Second Metal Finish Process — Metal Plating

In the process of metal plating, a thin layer of the metallic substance is formed on the surface of the product. This thin metallic layer will help in the prevention of corrosion, help in building strength, providing aesthetic appeal, and increasing adhesion.

#3 Metal Finish Process Anodizing:

Anodizing is a unique metal finish process in which the surface of the aluminum substance is transformed into aluminum oxide. The metal finishing process of anodizing can also be used for various nonferrous standard metals to protect them from corrosion and other external elements.

#4 Metal Finish Process — Galvanizing:

With the help of galvanization, the metals or metallic substances are covered with or coated with a protective layer of zinc. The galvanization process takes place by dipping the entire product into a bath of molten zinc. The galvanization method is most often used for steel objects. This metal finish method imparts a great look to the objects and also improves strength and durability.

#5 Metal Finish Process Sandblasting:

As the name suggests, it is the metal finish process in which the skilled workers would spray sand or a wide range of abrasive materials on the surface of the substance with full force to develop a smooth surface over the objects. Depending on the type of your object, you can choose the type of abrasive material for getting the desired results.


So now you are aware of different types of metal finishes that help the objects to gain an aesthetically appealing look, strength as well as durability. Depending on the type of object, you can choose the type of metal finish.


    I appreciated it when you share that a thin layer of metallic substance is plated on the surface of the product with metal plating. In this way, it helps to prevent corrosion while helping to build strength. I would like to think if a company needs to get metal plating service, it should consider working with a reliable service that can provide it.

    I like that this post mentioned that when choosing a metal coating, it is important that we ensure we choose the right type. It makes sense as in doing so, it ensures that our metals are safe. I will definitely keep this information in mind.

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