APR 2022

Powder Coating Vs Painting- Which One Is Better?

Metal and manufacturing units have a requirement for methods that imparts a finishing look to the end products. Surface finishing is essential not just for reactive metallic objects but also for non-reactive or non-metallic. The surface finish process makes the objects look attractive along with protection. If you leave the metallic objects unprotected, they can rust. Rusting destroys the integrity of metallic objects. It damages the objects beyond repair. The manufacturing units are searching for a process that offers protection along with a great look. With these requirements, two methods are common – Powder Coating and Painting.

Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. The process includes resins, pigments, and addictive. The main difference in both processes is the use of solvents. Paints use solvents. The powder coating method does not induce it.

How Will You Decide Which Process Is Better For Your Business?

To reach the conclusion, you need to know the difference between the two methods. Only then, you will be able to make which one suits your requirement. Here are some of the parameters based on which you can differentiate both processes.

#1 Application Process:

The first parameter that distinguishes the finishing technique from one another is the application process. In the painting process, you need to prepare solvents with chemicals and colors. The technicians spread the paint on the surface of metallic or non-metallic objects. The paint is in liquid form when you apply it to the objects. Before you apply the paint, ensure that the objects are clean. Remove all the dirt, dirt, debris, grease, and oil. It will destroy the effectiveness of the paint. Besides, it will increase the chances of paint cracks, and peeling off. Powder coating is a dry method. The technicians spray the powder on the objects with the support of the electrostatic force. The powder gets blended with the object’s surface with the application of extreme heat. To clean the object’s surface, sandblasting is the best process. It prepares the object for the powder coat layer formation. The best aspect of powder coat is there is no peeling off or cracks.

#2 Appearance:

powder coating in Dubai

When you incorporate the painting method, the layer formed is not uniform.

In some areas of the object, the layer is thick and thin. The technicians need to apply two to three layers to get the best look and uniformity in the layer. The powder coat provides a uniform layer in just one application. Therefore, the powder coat is applicable in limited quantities. There is no requirement for the powder coat. The objects appear sleek, attractive, and shiny with the powder coating method. You cannot get this look with paint.

Waste Production:

The painting process generates a high quantity of waste compared to powder coats. In the painting process, the technicians apply multiple layers of liquid paint to the surface. There is a lot of dripping and unused paint that goes waste. The powder coat method does not produce any waste. The powder that falls on the ground is again used for the application of different objects. Thus, there is zero waste incorporated into the process.

Extensive Colors:

The powder coat method provides you with colors in a wide range of shades. People have the flexibility to ask for the colors and hues of their choice. You cannot get this in the painting method. The paint method offers a limited choice when it comes to colors. They cannot create a new color according to your choice.

Environmental Safety:

powder-coated steel

If you compare both processes, powder coat comes out to be eco-friendly.
It does not involve any kind of harmful chemicals or solvents in the powder.
The painting method incorporates the use of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are not safe for the environment.


Over time, the paint will start to crack and peel off from the surface of the metal. It will make it easy for the metals to corrode. Powder coat provides long-lasting protection to the objects. It does not peel off as the particles bind with the metal surface. The durability offered by powder coat is higher than painting.


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