APR 2022

Is It Necessary To Sandblast Before Powder Coating?

The powder coating process is always in high demand. It is due to the benefits it offers to metallic objects and metal surfaces. You could observe a wide range of manufacturing industries making use of the powder coating method. But the problem is, not many of us know that for powder coating a proper procedure is to be followed. One of the important steps that you should include in the process of powder coating is sandblasting. When you are planning to powder coat the metal parts, surfaces, or objects, you should never ignore the sandblasting process.

But why is the sandblasting process so significant or necessary for the powder coating method? Sandblasting is essential because it helps in cleaning the metal parts before the powder coat is applied to the surface of the objects. When you are cleaning the metal parts with the sandblasting process, you can ensure perfect bond formation between the metal surface and the powder coat. Moreover, the process will ensure that the contaminants do not have any negative impact on the surface of the metal objects.

Apart from this, there are many aspects that help in improving the efficiency of the powder coat method. So, let us understand why the sandblasting method is so important.

Sandblasting Process Helps In Cleaning The Metal Surfaces Faster:

Sandblasting powder

This is one of the most significant benefits of the sandblasting process. It has the ability to clean the entire surface of the metallic object quickly. The cleaning is indispensable when you are about to apply the powder coat on the metal objects. In the process of sandblasting, you spray tiny sand particles on the surface with full force and high speed. With this, all the contaminants, dust, debris get removed from the surface. If you compare the process of manual cleaning with sandblasting, you will observe this is much more effective and efficient.

Sandblasting Is Useful In Removing Tough Contaminants From The Metal Surface:

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You know that metal objects may get covered with oil and greasy substances. You cannot remove the oily parts from the metal with a manual process. Furthermore, you need something really strong — an abrasive material that can remove all the grease and stubborn material from the surface. Apart from the dirt and dust, you can also remove the chipped paint from the metal surfaces.

Sandblasting Helps Create A Strong Bond Between Powder Coat And Metal Surface:

If the metal object has been used multiple times, it develops scratches on the surface. These scratches might be difficult to view with naked eyes. But the scratches do not allow creating a strong bond between the metal objects and powder coat. Therefore, you need to embrace the sandblasting method to ensure that the scratches are eliminated. This helps the powder coat particles to create a strong bond between particles of the powder coat and the metal surface. When the bonding between the powder coat and metal object is strong, protection will be stronger. Even the application of the powder coat is uniform and perfect.

Sandblasting Is Effective For Metallic Angular And Curved Surfaces:

Metal objects are available in all shapes and sizes. It is not necessary that you will get them only in flat shapes. Sometimes, the metallic surfaces have curved shapes at different angles. For such objects, manual cleaning becomes difficult. When you use a sandblasting process, the abrasive particles reach all the curved areas and clean the surface. With the help of sandblasting, you can even clean the surface and make them ready for the powder coating process. When the cleaning is efficient, you can get a smoother layer of powder coat on the surface.

Sandblasting Enhances The Durability Of The Process:

You might be surprised to know that the powder coat will help you enhance the durability of the coat and protect the metal objects for a long period. When you are using the sandblasting process for metal surfaces, you aim to remove all the debris that may lead to peeling, cracking, bubbling. When such contaminants are removed, you can improve the durability of the coat.


Now you have understood why the sandblasting process is necessary for the metal surfaces before powder coating. You not only improve the durability of the coat but also provide long-term protection to the metal in the long run.

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