JUN 2022

How to Measure Powder Coating Thickness On Steel, Aluminum, Or Wood

Powder coating is one of the most popular and significant industrial processes that is used by a wide range of manufacturing units and industries. Powder coat refers to the efficient process that helps in developing a protective layer on the surface of a wide range of objects. You can use the powder coat method on a wide range of materials including wood, steel, aluminum, etc. But the important point to note here is that the thickness level of the powder coat will be different for every material.

The experts measure the thickness of the powder coat on different materials by using a wide range of tactics. The manufacturers focus on measuring the thickness of the powder coat on a wide range of materials before and after the process takes place. The materials can be aluminum, steel, and even wood. Through this article, you will get to know how to measure the thickness of the material and various other essential things. So let’s get started.

Overview of The Powder Coating Thickness Measurement Process

Powder coat process analysis

For better analysis of the powder coat process, it is always recommended to measure the thickness before and after the curing technique. With this analysis, you can easily ensure what type of substance will require a thickness range. Moreover, it will help you to determine what level of thickness is required by particular shapes. Besides, you will be able to employ some economical methods to work along with the powder coating technique. All these things will assist you in managing most of the business operations involved in powder coating.

What Methods Can You Embrace To Determine The Thickness Of The Powder Coat?

The most commonly used method for determining the thickness of the powder coat is to use a powder comb along with magnetic gauges. Sometimes, these techniques destroy the top layer of the powder coat, and you need re-coating. The measurement of thickness is essential because the curing process has an adverse impact on the powder coats and leads to a decrease in the thickness of the coat. This process also helps in determining the thickness of cured films.

What Is A Simple Way To Measure The Thickness Of Dry Film?

Dry film thickness

Dry film thickness is popularly known as (DFT.) According to experts, you can measure the thickness of the dry film over the objects in two different ways. The first one refers to the destructive thickness measurement. In this process, the technicians will cut a small portion of the substance with the help of cutting tools. The thickness is measured from this small portion of the object.

Another method is a non-destructive method to measure the thickness of the dry film. In this technique, the technicians do not cause any damage to the substance. The thickness of the dry film is measured with the help of a magnetic field and induced magnetic suction. The experts will also employ eddy current to determine the accurate thickness of the dry film.

Usually, the experts recommend manufacturing units opt for non-destructive methods because they do not aim to destroy the objects just to check the thickness. This technique is effective and efficient for non-magnetic and magnetic metal surfaces. For instance, if you want to measure the thickness of powder coat on metals like aluminum and steel. With advancements in technologies, technicians depend on the digital coating to accurately determine the thickness of the powder coat.

Besides the digital coating, there is another non-destructive method that is useful in identifying the thickness of the coating. This is specifically used for ferrous metals, and it works on the principle of eddy current.

Employing Mechanical Process To Gauge The Powder Coat Thickness

Using mechanical techniques for gauging the thickness of the powder coat is a cost-effective method. This method is used specifically for gauging the thickness of the dry film. You can employ this method of gauging the powder coat thickness for the objects that are areas that pose a high risk. For instance, if you want to gauge the thickness of objects with high temperature, or flammable substances. The electric current may get triggered in such an environment and lead to accidents. For such substances, you should always use a mechanical process to gauge the thickness of the powder coat.

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