JUL 2020

Powder Coating v/s Spray Paint

When it comes to coating the metallic bodies with a protective layer, then powder coating and spray paints both are considered excellent. But there are certain instances where powder coating proves to be superior then spray paints and vice versa. To understand both the process, you need to know about their similarities, differences, advantages, and drawbacks. Only then you would be able to determine the best application of both the methods.

Texture – Powder Coat Vs Spray Paints:

Whenever determining the difference between powder coating and spray paints, you can start by glancing at the texture attained by the finished products. The layer applied by powder coating gives the metal surfaces a smooth and uniform look. You won’t find traces of brush marks, drips, or uneven sprayed areas. Whereas in the case of spray paints, you won’t be able to get a smooth uniform layer or coat. The final texture would appear rough and uneven. 

Wide Range Of Color Options-Powder Coat Vs Spray Paints:

Well, if you choose spray paints over powder coat then you can have a large variety of colors to choose from. It will provide more flexibility to give a new look to the things and help them look different. You can get a wide range of color options even if you use a powder coating, but not as much as you get in spray paints.

Application Process Of Powder Coat And Spray Paints:

Powder coat makes use of advanced technology, which is not observed in the case of spray paints. Powder coating methods use resins along with pigments, which are them carefully applied on the body/ surface of the body by making use of electrostatic spray deposition. The minute particles get attached to the surface and create an unbreakable bond when proper heat is applied. Powder coating is considered a bit complex method and thus it is left to the professionals. 

Spray paint on the other hand is technically the easiest way to apply the coat on the surface of the body. You do not need any professional to perform the work. It can be done easily by the following basic protection method. The paint is sprayed on the surface and then left to dry for a few hours without any heating requirement.

In a powder coat, you do not have to apply multiple layers to get the final finished look. Just one layer is enough. But in the case of spray paints, you would have to apply multiple layers to achieve the desired look. 

Powder Coating Technique

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

Let’s check out the advantages first.

  • Powder coating techniques provide a smoother texture on the metallic surfaces.
  • You do not have to apply it multiple times. Just one application is enough to get the desired results. 
  • The coating developed through powder coating is quite durable and scratch proof.
  • Unlike paints, the layer formed by the powder coating does not get chipped out easily. It lasts for a long period. 
  • Powder coats are considered safer and easier to store
  • Powder coats do not make use of any chemical solvents which makes it a very eco-friendly technique.
  • The excess powder that is left during the process can be collected and reused for other projects.


The Disadvantage of the process: 

  • It is considered a bit expensive as compared to spray paints.


Spray Paints Technique

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

The advantage of the process: 

  • With spray paints, you get a wide range of color options.
  • Spray paints do not need any highly efficient equipment. It can be done easily by anyone. 
  • Spray painting is less expensive as compared to powder coating.
  • Spray Paints are easily accessible.

The Disadvantage of the process: 

  • With spray paints, you won’t get a uniform texture.
  • Sprays paints do not provide resistance from corrosion to metal bodies.
  • The spray paints comprise of volatile organic contaminants.
  • There is a huge amount of waste created while using spray paints which cannot be reused.
  • Spray paints are very difficult to store.



Coating the metal bodies with a protective layer helps in improving the overall appearance of the body, providing strength, and also durability. The coating techniques are generally used in automotive, aerospace, medical device, construction, and electronics industries. If you compare the two different coating processes then the powder coating technique is becoming popular as more and more companies prefer to go with it. Powder coating is useful for protecting the materials, cost-effective, and environmental-friendly.

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