MAY 2022

Different Types of Sand Blasting

Manufacturing and production industries have to ensure the perfect finish of their products before packaging and selling out.

Every product must have a smooth and sleek surface to impart an elegant look.

How will you do it?

Many of you would say that painting the products would be the best approach.

But painting does not offer a uniform appearance.

Is there a better way to achieve a smoother and finished look for the surfaces of the objects?

Yes, certainly.

You can opt for sandblasting technique to smoothen the surfaces of the objects.

Sandblasting is an effective and efficient technique that has gained popularity after the introduction of powder coating.

Sandblasting is a method to remove dirt, dust, grease, and other external debris from the surface of the object. The process prepares the object for undergoing the powder coating method.

Sandblasting has several names in different regions. Sometimes it is abrasive blasting, media blasting, and grit blasting.

Industries and organizations have large machinery and metal objects. These can easily rust or develop a layer of corrosion over them. With the help of sandblasting, you can remove the topmost layer of debris and rust from metal surfaces.

Experts consider it an efficient and quick method to achieve a functioning and optimum appearance of metal parts.

As discussed earlier, the sandblasting process is applicable to preparing the metal surfaces for painting or powder coating. In the process of abrasive blasting, professional technicians use different blast media or materials and direct them on the surfaces. Technicians perform it to eliminate all the impurities from the surface to get a smooth surface.

The media you choose to remove the grit from the surface is based on the workpiece material you want to clean. The sandblasting process is applicable for several materials like metals, wood, plastic, fiber, etc. The abrasive media will be the deciding factor to decide the speed and quality of the end result.

You can check the list below of abrasive media applicable for sandblasting.

#1 Media: Silica Sand or Silicon Dioxide

Silicon Dioxide is a technical term for ordinary sand. Silica abrasive blasting is a traditional method of removing impurities from the metallic surface.

The sand particles of similar sizes are sprayed on the surface of the object. The particles rub against the surface to remove dirt, grease, debris, and rust. However, many industries are avoiding the use of silica due to environmental reasons. Silica is known to cause respiratory issues.

#2 Media: Soda

Soda Blasting

Soda sandblasting is the process where you use baking soda or bicarbonate form of soda to blast on the surface of the metals.

Soda is abrasive in nature and helps in removing debris from the metal surface without causing any damage to the objects.

You can use soda material for abrasive blasting of delicate surfaces and materials.

#3 Media: Steel Grit

Steel grit is the best abrasive blasting technique applicable to remove paint from metal surfaces. Besides the stubborn paint layer, you can remove rust from the metal surfaces.

The steel abrasion is helpful in achieving a smooth finish and sharpness in blunt objects.

#4 Media: Glass Bead

If you want to get a matte finish or a satin-smooth appearance, choose glass beads as abrasive media. The glass beads have the potential to eliminate all the debris and impart a polished appearance to the object’s surface. It is a type of abrasive blasting applicable to cabinets.

#5 Media: Bristle Blasting

Bristle Blasting

It is a different type of abrasive blasting where you do not require any specific abrasive medium. The stainless steel wire rotates at high speed on the surface. The rotating action of the steel wire helps to remove the impurities from the surface and generate a smooth surface finish.

You can remove all kinds of impurities such as dirt, grease, debris, and rust.


You can use any abrasive material or media for the sandblasting process. The goal is to achieve a smooth and clean surface. Before you finalize the abrasive media, ensure it is suitable for the type of material on the object’s surface. It will help you make an informed choice. Are you looking for the best powder coating service provider? If yes, Noble Metal is the only stop where you can get the best powder coat services. Visit the website to know more about powder coats at Noble Metal.

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